Foothills Planning Services Merges with The Kilpatrick Group

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Foothills Planning Services Merges with The Kilpatrick Group

Foothills Planning Services Merges with The Kilpatrick Group

Combined organization will produce $50M+ in pre-need volume

The Kilpatrick Group and Foothills Planning Services announced this week that their two pre-need marketing organizations will merge. The combined organization will have an expanded footprint in the marketplace and greater resources to help funeral home clients grow their pre-need businesses.

For years, Connor Kilpatrick and Beau Jarrell (co-founders of The Kilpatrick Group) and Benji Cumbie (president of Foothills Planning Services) have been competitors with mutual respect. The company will operate as The Kilpatrick Group (TKG), and Cumbie will become the national sales director. Joining Cumbie from Foothills Planning Services will be Julian Ward (as a regional director) and Caryl DeBlieck Jermier (as a regional director). “Connor and I have known Benji for years,” says Jarrell. “We have a great relationship and share a lot of the same core values, which is why it made a lot of sense for us to come together.”

Cumbie echoes Jarrell’s thoughts: “Foothills Planning Services was doing great on its own, but this merger really is ideal because we are so aligned in the way we want to operate and grow the agency.”

The companies’ success stories are remarkable. In business for just under a decade each, together they will produce in excess of $50 million in sales volume by year-end. Clients of both organizations, who view the merger as a positive move, look forward to access to enhanced resources and support to grow market share through active pre-need.

Kilpatrick, Jarrell, and Cumbie are all often viewed as the next generation within the pre-need profession. Development in new areas of technology has paved the way for The Kilpatrick Group, and now Foothills Planning Services, to dramatically increase online lead generation for funeral homes. They are pioneering the use of social media for lead generation and offer a mobile-friendly lead portal customized for funeral homes.

“All three of us were brought up in multi-generational family funeral homes,” Kilpatrick noted. “ We understand day-to-day funeral home operations and how to integrate pre-need to secure long-term profitability. This means upholding the long-standing value of traditional marketing programs and merging them with modern methodologies to produce stellar results”

The Kilpatrick Group is based in Nashville, Tennessee and serves funeral homes throughout the U.S., with a strong presence in the Southeast and Midwest. The combining of resources will allow the agency to provide enhanced support to funeral homes and continue a managed expansion across the United States.


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