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7 Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Funeral Home Facebook Page

How many of your friends use Facebook?  Do you?  Does your funeral home have a Facebook page?  Today, people use Facebook as a tool to connect with friends.  Many businesses now use Facebook as a tool to link their customers to their products and services.  Facebook has grown so large and become such a substantial tool for the American public.   It can no longer be dismissed as a fad.

The Facts:

  • 1.5 Billion people use Facebook
  • 89 is the average number of pages and groups a user is connected to
  • The average time a user spends on FB each day is 20 minutes
  • The average number of friends per user is 141.5
  • There are a total of 50 million Facebook pages
  • Average number of monthly posts per Facebook page = 36
  • 819 million people use Facebook on their smartphone or tablet
  • 240 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook
  • 76% of users log in to connect at least once a day
  • Local business pages are visited 645 million time per week

(source: DMR-Digital Marketing Ramblings)


As a funeral home how do you get people to visit your page? Sure, you can simply post obituaries and information about how to cope with loss.   Consider, however, the potential results of using a few of the following tips when you login and begin to post.

The Tips:

  1. Use Facebook as a platform to build your public image.  Make your postings and comments about topics of importance in your community.  Do not expect to use Facebook solely as a sales tool.
  2. Consider partnering with a local business that does not already use Facebook to help gain you popularity.  Perhaps you begin by posting the daily menu of the town’s favorite diner.  Since the diner has no online presence or the time to update a Facebook page you can do this on their behalf.  Before you know it, the restaurant staff and whole town are sharing your post about what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You have gained exposure by tapping a resource that is close to the heart of your community.
  3. Little League is a popular past time in most communities.  Try posting photos from the games, scores, schedules and weather updates. 
  4. Photos of food or recipes near mealtime have a particularly high tendency to be liked and shared.  Try asking your followers to submit recipes to be posted to your funeral home’s community board (Facebook page).
  5. Perhaps you can share the worship schedule for the churches in your area.  Not just one of the area churches, but all or many of them.  This is generally an easier task as often the worship times do not change.  Newspapers have been using this tool as a revenue source for years.
  6. Try regularly highlighting a staff member in your posts.  Tell a little about what they like to do in their spare time.  Share a quote or maybe a recipe from them.  This type of post will help humanize your funeral home.
  7. Take it one step further and choose individuals in your community to highlight.  Maybe you heard about someone who did a good deed.  Perhaps you conduct and post an interview with the local beauty queen. Again, this helps to humanize the image of the funeral home.

Simply beginning to use Facebook will mean discovering new ways to connect with the market.  Consider the unique aspects of your community and highlight them in your social media campaign.   Facebook is growing at a rate of 700,000 new users a day.  Embrace this opportunity to expand your business and to reach new segments of the population now.

Written By John Christian Phifer

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