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The grieving period is a time when people often think ahead to their own future arrangements, and this series marries two important goals: sharing expert support that truly helps people cope with loss, plus offering information about your preneed service.

This in-depth series of supportive videos, stories and articles was developed by Dr. T. David Willets, a certified grief counselor and renowned author of the book and video series Silverlining. Now, you can make this important service available as a FREE gift to each family you serve. The program is easy and automatic for you, and you can feel assured that you are not only helping families, you’re also building goodwill and expanding your preneed sales.

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Use our archive of material developed especially for your social media posts and funeral home blog updates. Every partner client of The Kilpatrick Group enjoys FREE access to a rich archive of well-written articles developed especially for you. We’ll even advise you on how to schedule and use the articles to maximize your impact.

 Social Media not your strong suit?

Don’t worry, we can do all the work if you want us too. You have the choice to take full control or let us handle everything…it’s 100% up to you!

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Baby boomers are the Web’s largest constituency, and our web based leads average 61 years old! With your own custom-branded web lead generation page, you’ll discover a rich new vein of younger customers, and your preneed counselors will be empowered to respond faster and more effectively than ever.  Relax, you don’t have to do a thing!  We do all the work to give your funeral home a prominent online footprint.  Every response to your online and traditional marketing, seminars, AfterCare, and other efforts will flow to your online landing page for more information.  Within seconds, each respondent receives a personal email from your funeral home – and you don’t have to lift a finger.  Then all leads go instantly to your preneed counselor and are logged into your CRM system for prompt follow-up and lead tracking.  Case studies prove this system succeeds.

Take the fast track to a younger preneed demographic!

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Only The Kilpatrick Group offers the “Preneed U” training platform for funeral home preneed agents and staff. You and all your employees will have round-the-clock access to our video training series.

This in-depth training series prepares your preneed counselors and staff with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to initiate sensitive conversations that lead to funded preneed policies.

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You’ll save time and speed up results with this easy-to-use sales tool. “Preneed Pipeline” is a web-based lead management system that automatically tracks leads, sends letters and emails, and generates daily “to do” lists for your sales counselors so nothing is overlooked. This powerful system eliminates paperwork and gives your counselors more time to meet people face to face. Further, it generates informative reports to keep counselors up to date about open leads, lead sources, policies sold and more.

Well crafted communications come preloaded in the system, and with just a few clicks, your agent can personalize as needed and send everything out. It’s fast and effective!

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Life Planning Seminars

Reach new audiences you once thought were impossible, and gain up to 90% appointments on the spot. The Kilpatrick Group takes group-based presentations to find out here a whole new level for you. With our Life Planning Seminars, you reach a much wider audience, and your attendees are eager to set follow-up appointments. For the first time, you’ll reach new church groups no bank statements australia money scout, veteran’s groups, retirement communities, business associations and more. Not only will you help these neighbors plan ahead for the future, you’ll find that they pass your name to friends and family by word of mouth. And your entire business will expand! There’s no cost or effort We handle all the details – the set up, presentation, supplies buy cbs flower, door prizes, even a free meal. And you’ll get up to 90% appointments booked right on the spot!

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Direct Mail Marketing

At last, you can gain higher response rates AND younger customers!  We’ve discovered the secret sauce for improving your traditional media results.  First, we deliver proven winning strategies that maximize results.  Then, we link everything with our web-based platforms.  That way, you capture not only the older prospects who respond by phone and mail, but you also dramatically LIFT response from Baby Boomers who prefer to respond online.  You’ll achieve impressive results with our expertly designed direct mail campaigns, which we constantly improve to ensure the highest possible response rates for you.  Every element is calculated for effectiveness, and we introduce fresh concepts each year to maintain unrivaled results.  We also advise you on choosing the right mailing list.

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Online Marketing

Choose a colorful web and social media based campaign to target specific groups in your community and rapidly expand results!  This smart approach will not only boost response to your seminars, special events, traditional advertising and other marketing efforts, but it will also generate leads as a stand alone marketing event.  Plus, each online marketing campaign will be thoroughly tracked to reveal which ads and elements are working best for you.  The more we learn about your marketplace online, the more effective your online campaigns become!

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Veteran Programs

We’ll help you organize and promote family-friendly events designed specifically for Veteran’s.  Our speakers and presentations are sure to swell your audience and increase your customer base by branding your Funeral Home as the leader for Veteran’s in the community. We also have Veteran specific marketing programs, such as Direct Mail, Newspaper Ad’s & our American Flag Memorial that cater directly to the Veteran’s in your community. Of course, everything is tailored to your needs and customized for your funeral home…and we handle all the details!

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Agent Placement

Across America, funeral directors tell us that finding qualified agents is the most difficult and time-consuming part of preneed sales. But now, you can let The Kilpatrick Group recruit and place top-quality agents for you through a proprietary recruitment process designed exclusively for funeral home preneed sales! Our founders began as hard-working preneed sales counselors, so we know exactly what skills and personality traits are needed. Our front-end due diligence is labor intensive, and it pays off, delivering successful placements time after time. The process includes a specialized series of interviews by phone, then in person. As a third step, we’ve developed a comprehensive “best fit” assessment program to find the one right candidate for each funeral home’s unique needs. Let us take the pain out of recruiting so you can reap the rewards.

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